24 Feb




Henry the bunyip had watched the movie The Dish, it was great Australian movie about the time way back in 1969 that man stepped onto the moon, Henry had heard that the  Parkes Observatory had an important role in relaying live television of that exciting time, Henry loved the movie and that night he dreamt that he was an astronaut travelling into outer-space travel, he was in his rocket ship travelling through the night sky, zoom zoom zoom faster and faster Henry steered Roddy the rocket-ship into deep space,  bumpity bump, Roddy the rocket ship screeched to a stop, Henry hit his head on the table and he woke up with a start, Henry looked around, this didn't look like the moon, there was green grass, flowers and a pond, Suddenly Henry  realised that he had been dreaming, of course it wasn't the moon, he was in civic park, the huge shuttlecock looked just like a rocket ship  Henry  was sure he had seen the name Roddy was written on the side panel and the date had said 24/02/2023 oh that's today, it must be Roddy's birthday, Happy Birthday Roddy Rocket 








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