05 Jan

It’s Jenny’s birthday She was so busy at the flower shop that she actually had forgotten it was her birthday Just as well Henry the Bunyip didn’t forget While Jenny was at work making beautiful flower arrangements, Henry was busy at the bakery making a most beautiful pink cake. It was big enough for everyone to enjoy. Later that day everyone was going to surprise Jenny. Jenny thought that she was just going to Henry’s for a cup of tea and a sticky bun The surprise was all set Most of the a-z family were coming Some were back home in the top end, after enjoying a nice holiday on the coast The farm and bush team had gathered at 27 The cake was sitting on the table and  it looked splendid ,Hannah set the table with a pink tablecloth and pink balloons, Henrietta was sitting in her pram watching all the activity, This will be the  first time she gets to meet the a-z family
Jenny was rostered on at work until three, she was tired but knew a cup of tea would fix her up arriving at 27 she went inside and to her surprise everyone shouted Happy Birthday, Jenny was so surprised, a big tear fell down her cheek ,Her heart swelled, all her friends together, look at that big pink cake! it looked beautiful, she hugged Henry and said thank you.That afternoon the house was full of excitement, everyone adored little Henrietta The cake was delicious, Rocky and Ris played some music, Queenie and Gee busted out some cool moves, Henry smiled as he looked at his a-z friends , he felt proud. Jenny was happy , good friends, a cup of tea and a huge slice of cake make a fun timeHappy Birthday Jenny

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