14 Oct

Henry the Bunyip's brothers 

Henry was excited that the 50 little Henry the Bunyip's had arrived. Although it was very confusing to him.50 plus little Henry’s, no body has 50 little brothers or sisters. But for Henry the Bunyip this is very different, they are not his brothers, they are him .Isn’t that crazy? Henry is hoping that all the little Henry the Bunyip's go into the big wide world, don’t worry Henry, they are !, they are going on their own adventures, Henry was looking forward to having an adventure of his own, He wondered if any of his  friends were free, he would ask them any way.  It’s was raining, that meant it would be an indoor game, perhaps they could play monopoly, Henry made a few phone calls, it wasn’t  long at all before they came, Henry was surprised that they would come out on such a wet night. The table was set up,  his four friends Kooka the owl, Rex the fox, Jenny the donkey and Fi the green tree frog were all there , buying  properties, building houses and  hotels and even going to jail. It was so much fun, afterwards for supper they enjoyed sticky buns and a cup of tea.
That night when Henry went to bed he thought about his friends and the 50 plus other Henry’s He was glad there were other Henry’s, he hoped they they would make new friends wherever they lived. Henry liked his own friends very much and felt very lucky indeed.

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