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Henry is a Bunyip, but not a scary Bunyip, like the ones you might find on the internet.
He is small, he has soft grey fur and his eyes are bright blue.
Henry is a friendly little chap, he has 3 fingers and four toes, he has two round bud horns and a tail.
He has many loyal friends, he loves to go on adventures with them all.
Henry lives in the town of Bunyip.
Bunyip is in Victoria, 81 kms from Melbourne.
He is named after Henry Rodger who was a baker in Bunyip in 1903.
one of Henry’s favourite friends is Hannah. she is a Bunyip too.
Henrys stories are written to create joy and happiness, some include old memories to be remembered and some are new adventures to be remembered in the future.
I hope you love Henry the Bunyip and his stories as much as i do?
Yours in writing, Davina Veenstra Author and creator of Henry the Bunyip and Friends.©️

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