09 Jun

Nat, Eli and Luke had just moved to the top end (of Australia).They were excited by the country side, there was a richness to the colours that they had never seen before; the rocks, the sky, the terrain, it was all so different .One sunny day the boys decided to investigate, they packed a bag with a few supplies, hopped on their bikes and peddled towards the large blue lagoon that was surrounded by huge rocks. Along the way they collected twigs, smooth rocks, shiny quartz that glittered in the sun and some brightly coloured feathers. When they reached the rocky outcrop, they found a nice grassy spot under the trees and decided it was a great place to pitch their tent. They had heard from the ranger that they could make a little fire using sticks that they had picked up along the way. As Nat was the oldest , he carefully lit the fire and made sure everyone kept safe, The marshmallows were toasting nicely when they looked up into the trees and saw a little green tree snake peering down at them. “Hello!! what’s your name?” the boys sang out in a friendly way. "Hello” answered back a little voice,  “My name isss Elijah”. Eli thought that was funny as his name was quite similar. The boys thought for a moment and asked “Elijah- would you like some marshmallows? We have plenty to share". Elijah slipped down from the tree and joined the boys, he asked “can my friend Lionel join usss? He’s just over there, sitting on that rock". The boys thought that would be fun. When Lionel came over, they saw that he was a frilled neck lizard. Luke thought that was cool as both he and Eli now had new friends sharing the first letter of their names. The all sat around the little fire toasting marshmallows and sharing stories of the bush until the sun started passing overhead. In the distance they heard a howl, this spooked the boys and they gave a jump! Elijah said “don’t worry that’s just Ned Dingo, He too loves marshmallows; he might want one later”. Ned keeps an eye on us, just like a big brother does, After a while, when the afternoon started to cool down the boys decided to put their fishing rods into the water of the lagoon nearby, they didn’t have any worms though so thought they would try their luck with some marshmallows,  success, it worked!! Not only did the marshmallows make the boys new friends it also caught some fish to make a yummy dinner.

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