19 Jan

Queenie the most beautiful cow was thinking….what day is it ? Oh it’s the 19th, it’s my birthday, my very own special day, I wonder if anyone will remember?Queenie put down her book and decided to take a walk outside, she loved the butterflies and bees that lived in her garden, Meanwhile back in Bunyip , Henry had made a cake, we all know that Henry the Bunyip likes making cakes, oh also eating sticky buns with his cup of tea, Henry and Annie the Scotty dog were very good friends with Queenie and Henry had made a huge big pink cake, he was going to ring his friend and invite her over for a cup of tea Back at Queenies the phone rang, Queenie was picking flowers in the garden and couldn’t get back inside quick enough to answe the call, she played back the message, there was Henry the Bunyip singing Happy Birthday, Henry said there’s a party on the hill , be there or be square, Queenie liked a mystery, the clues said on the hill, so that must mean the bakery, party, well that’s another clue, well it is my birthday, so it must be for me, how exciting!Later that day Queenie knocked on the door at Bunyip, she could hear excited chat, the door opened and there they were, Henry the Bunyip, Angus, Annie, Bella , Hannah , Gee and Rex the fox, and sitting on the table was an enormous pink cake, They all sang Happy Birthday to  Queenie,What fun they had, music and laughter, was there any pink cake left? No not really just a few crumbs ,Mittens the kitten licked them all up, after the party Queenie read them a story, as she was a librarian she knew all the good books, this book was called Cows in the kitchen by June Crebbin “Farmer Tom is looking for all the farmyard animals,”Henry thought it should of been, farmer Henry and his farm yard friends.Well that’s a thought for another day Henry! Queenie gave Henry a huge hug, she said ‘thank you Henry, I have had the best birthday yet!
Birthdays are fun, pink cake is heaps of yum.

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