12 Feb
Henry loves Sunday mornings and he loves his breakfast, but this Sunday Henry felt lazy,  he wanted the day off , he was hopeful that someone else would make breakfast , He wrote up  his  list and left it on the kitchen bench, 
scrambled eggs, tomatoes and toast, oh and a cup of tea, that sounded good. 
Henry settled in the big green chair with his new book, it was  about ‘how dinosaurs learnt to read?

 “Meanwhile in the kitchen”  unbeknown to Henry, the  breakfast gang had arrived, 
Tommy tomato , Billy bacon, Betsy butter ,Egbert egg, Tilly toast were all there with their mates,  assembled , ready to work! Aprons were on,  all the supplies were there, 
The gang set  to work, eggs were whipped, the pans were heating  on the stove 
Toast in the toaster, tomatoes in the pan, the kitchen was a hive of activity, 
The gang were fast , in no time at all,
Breakfast was ready, The table was set 
Sally the salt and Percy the pepper were dancing on the table 

Henry looked up from his book, 
He was amazed that his breakfast was ready, Wow that was quick
He thought that he should try that trick more often, the breakfast gang looked at each other and laughed, they knew better!  chances of that were slim, 
The gang only happen one in a blue moon

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