24 Feb

Henry the Bunyip showed his friend Cindy his new ABC book, he was enjoying his catch up time with his friend, while they munched on a toasty and enjoyed a  nice cup of tea,Cindy told Henry the story about  how she got her name that started with a C, Cindy’s first name was Dolly, Dolly used to live in a box in a toy shop with lots of other toys, one day,

Ella the pink fairy was giving out special wishes, Dolly could have one wish. Dolly wanted most of all to live with a real family, ‘that was a easy one ‘ Ella said ‘the first person to come into the toy shop before midnight would choose Dolly’ her new name would be Cinderella, Cindy for short, with a wave of her wand Ella granted the wish, just like that a little girl with dark hair appeared, she headed straight to dolly and picked her up, the litle girl hugged dolly, she said ‘Hello my named is Maria and I am taking you home, Cindy smiled, she knew that now she had a family, like Ella said ‘easy’


As Cindy told her story to Henry she looked happy, she loved living with the little girl, the days of living in a box a distant memory, now she lived in a nice house with lots of frogs, it seems that the girl loves frogs too! But not as much as the girl loves Cindy 

Henry enjoyed the nice day with his friend,

He was glad he had his own family.

Families do make things better!

Love always Henry ♥️

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