23 May

Yogi the gold fish was feeling a little bit sad ,He didn’t know why, something was missing. Yogi’s home was a fishbowl The fishbowl home was very nice, with rocks and plants, Yogi could hide amongst them, In one corner there was a mirror, the mirror was big, Yogi looked deep into the mirror, to his surprise, he saw himself, Yogi waved to the image, the image didn’t wave back, how strange, Yogi crept closer The image disappeared, Yogi looked behind the mirror, oh my goodness, what a surprise, ‘boo’ said the image, it was Joe, hiding there, Yogi laughed, ‘oh it’s you’ my twin brother, now I know why I was sad, come and play We will have fun, The two little fish swam happily together Yogi felt content, a twin brother was all he needed.

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