23 May

Henry and Aldred were best of friends on days when Aldred wasn’t helping his dad in the bakery they would go down to the river with their fishing rods and sit by the bank and try to catch the black fish they loved  fishing but one day Aldred was called away to war, Henry was worried he didn’t know if he would ever see his friend again while he was gone, Henry helped out at the bakery the most he could, Henry was a little fellow and it was hard to reach the counter, but he did his best, he would load  up his bike basket with bread and deliver  it down the street stopping off at Bill the butchers and  visit Charles at the grain store  a cat named Nell lived at the grain store she chased the mice away Nell would sit in her basket with one eye opened just in case a little mouse scurried by,   Henry loved to sit with Nell patting her soft grey fur, the days went by then the years went by one day Aldred returned Henry was soo happy the whole town was happy, Aldred and Henry once more were able to go to the river to fish

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