23 May

‘It’s Mother’s Day,’ said Jenny, OH dear, ‘will I ever be ready? Jenny was a terrific florist 💐She loved flowers, the smell of some was so sweet, pretty colours , 💐Jenny was very busy, flowers had been ordered and picked up yesterday, the shop was busy, Henry was looking after the customers, working in the bakery had given him a lot of experience. Jenny laid all the flowers out on the table, she arranged them into 50 bunches, that was hard work, at last the orders filled and flowers were ready, Packed neatly into the delivery van, But where was Tony the Turtle, he was supposed to be the driver, Henry called the number he had,  ring ring, where are you Tony ?‘I am coming, don’t worry, Sure enough Tony was there five minutes later Off they went 🚐 Delivery was complete Henry and Jenny sat down and started to enjoy a well earned cup of tea ☕️‘Ring Ring’ the phone was ringing again ‘ oh no, more flowers needed.. Happy Mother’s Day!

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