12 Oct

Wilbur T. Wombats tummy was full, he had been in the bush for days eating roots, leaves and other vegetation. He loved burying his nose into the soft leafy matter that lay under the gum trees. Wilbur was thirsty, he found a puddle and sipped the cool water, he was tired, he decided to have a snooze, the sun was directly up above . Wilbur wasn’t used to daylight. That morning he had been woken by Xena the magpie, she was sitting high in the trees , noisily chatting to her friends, something about a birthday party that was coming up soon. Wilbur didn’t care for birthday party’s, he just needed sleep, he settled into a large hole that he had previously dug, closed his eyes and was soon asleep, mean while William the Wallaby and Kylie the koala were planning their day, they wondered who might like to play cricket, they just needed one more player, By the time Wilbur woke the sun had gone down and he could see the outline of the path , he heard laughter, perhaps it was Xena, he made his way through the bush to the clearing, where he saw his friends, Game of cricket they yelled, Wilbur thought that would be good ‘ what fun they had’ but where was Henry the Bunyip?‘ We know, he’s home tucked up at home in his bed, Henry has to be up early on Saturdays, he has bread to bake at the bakery‘ have fun Wilbur, Kylie, William and Xena’     Pic coloured by ERJ⭐️

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