19 Feb

hello there, i am delighted to present to you my first book Henry the Bunyips A-Z of friends, i hope you and your family enjoy Henry’s book, Henry loves his friends and wants to tell you who they are: some characters mentioned are in other stories that can be read on Henrys website www.henrythebunyip.com scan the QR code on book back page and it will lead you directly to website. Angus is first, A is for Angus, Angus is a Scottish Terrier, he wears a red collar, Angus loves playing fetch and catch. He lives on the farm with a few friends, one of these friends is Annie, Annie is a white Scottie dog with a yellow collar,Annie likes Butterflies, one of her good friends is Bootle the butterfly. B is for Bella, Bella is a pink pig, she has purple boots and also lives on the farm, Bella likes going to Butterfly Dance,Jens Butterfly Dance at Bunyip is on a break at the moment, it has been running for 13 years, C is for Charlie, Charlie lives at the farm and loves getting into mischief, he once got a tin can stick onto one of his horns, it is still there, Charlie thinks that it’s funny, he is very cheeky, D is for Drake, Drake is a spotty Jaguar, he loves Tuesdays, as Tuesday is card playing day, he loves playing cards especially uno and sometimes canasta.E is for Elijah, Elijah is a green tree snake, he lives in the top end of Australia with Lionel and they love going on out back adventures with Eli, Luke and Nat.F is for Felix, Felix is a pony he also lives on the farm, he has a red tie.Felix loves red apples.G is for Gee the goose, Gee has a red bicycle, her blue scarf waves in the air when she rides her bike fast.H is for Hazel, Hazel is a hippopotamus, she always wears red lipstick, she writes books and sometimes you can see her just looking into the mirror.I is for Iggy, Iggy is an iguana, he has a blue fishing rod, sometimes Henry and Iggy go fishing in the Bunyip river. J is for Jenny, Jenny is a florist, she likes orange flowers and always has one in her hat.K is for Kylie, Kylie is a very shy, she loves the bush and has a favourite tree that has delicious green leaves. She lives at Dave the tree mans place, L is for Lionel, he is a frilled neck lizard, recently he was visiting from the top end and when he was dancing he lost his boot, now he has new yellow boots.M is for Mittens, Mittens the kitten has a pretty red bow and she loves playing with a ball of wool.N is for Nell, she is a mother cat , Nell has a pink collar and a gold bell, she is soft and gentle and lives at the grain store, she has a nice basket to sit in and she can look out the window, guess what she sees? Yes it’s the Bunyip mural across the road.O is for Ollie, Ollie has a surfboard and he likes going to the beach, he also likes video games, he sometimes plays games with RockyP is for Penelope, Penelope is a spider, she is friendly, Penelope has eight red boots, she likes her boots and when she goes dancing she makes the best moves.Q is for Queenie the most beautiful cow, Queenie loves books and works in a library, one day Queenie found a treasure map in a book.R is for Rocky, Rocky is a Rooster, he loves video games and has a blue controller.S is for Susie, Susie is a swan, Susie likes to dance and she sometimes goes to Butterfly Dance with Bella, Susie also loves wearing her crown.T is for Tony, Tony is a Turtle, Tony drives a red truck, he has a orange hat and likes to go canoeing , he also loves trees. Dave the tree man and Tony often talk about trees.U is for Ursula, Ursula is little bear, she has a suitcase, nobody really knows what is in her suitcase but some people say she has jewels or perhaps she is a nurse. Ursula can sing really well, especially when she is having a bubble bath.V is for Vivienne, Vivienne is a shark, she has a pink pearl necklace, Vivienne lives in the sea and has a beautiful underwater garden , she loves the coral and the clam shells that just might have a new pearl for her necklace.W is for William, he is a wallaby, William is great friends with Kylie, Bob the dog, and Xena the magpie.William lives with Dave the Tree man at his bush block at Tonimbuk.X is for Xena and Xena loves her friend Bob the dog, they often go on walks together, sometimes they visit the magpie family. Y is for YogiYogi is a gold fish and he has a twin brother called Joe. Yogi is dedicated to my great nephews Atticus and Remus. They have fun together playing hide and seek. Z is for Ziggy, Ziggy is a zebra, he is a happy Zebra, every time you see him he has a big smile. thank you. love always Henry ♥️

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