14 Apr

Tony the turtle had made his delivery, his little red truck was very fast this morning and Tony had got to the farm on time.

the apple tree was delivered to Felix, he was very happy as the apple tree already had a shiny red apple ready to eat, Felix especially loved red apples, 

Bella the pink pig opened her mystery box and to her delight she found a pair of new purple shoes, her old ones were a bit worn out from all that dancing, her new purple shoes fitted so well, Bella danced around the kitchen table, she was a very lucky pig indeed, 

Tony was now at Henrys place enjoying a nice cup of tea and a delicious sticky bun.

Henry the Bunyip loved hearing about Tonys adventures, Henry had a bicycle but he knew the little red truck was faster, maybe Henry should think about getting a little blue truck. ?

Now that's something to think about Henry! 🛻

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