28 May

Sharing a favourite story about Ursula 

It was that time again that Ursula the little brown bear was to visit Bunyip. 

Henry the Bunyip had made friends with her the last time she had visited, that time she stayed at the farm with Charlie the mischievous Goat and Bella the pink pig, but this time Ursula was staying at the bakery with Henry and his family.

The afternoon train arrived at Bunyip; Henry was there at the station to meet his friend.

Ursula was tired from the journey, Henry had made her a nice cup of tea and of course there was plenty of sticky buns, after a rest, henry introduced Ursula to his new baby sister, Henrietta was still very small, but very cute with her pink bow, Ursula gave her a picture book that she had picked up at Queenies book shop, the book was about baby animals.

Hannah was sitting in her favourite green chair and was knitting. Ursula like the pink wool, Hannah said she was knitting a jumper for Henry, Ursula thought about that!

After a while they all went out into the garden, a garden is Ursula’s favourite place

The red geraniums made Ursula happy, they were everywhere, she picked a bunch and asked if she could put them on the table. In the afternoon Ursula decided to relax with a bath full of bubbles, as the bath room was small, the acoustics were great, she started sing, Ursula had a great voice and had a habit of bursting into song, she sang loud, she sang high, she was so lost in singing that she forgot where she was, she thought she was on the stage singing Ava Maria, she came back to earth when Rocky the rooster sang out, “cock a doodle doo”

Later that day everyone decided to go for a stroll, the main street was busy, the Butchers three were making sausages at the butcher shop, Henry bought six for dinner, they stopped to say hello to Sir Joseph who was walking home carrying bananas and milk in his hessian bag,  Henry said to Ursula he would tell her about that another time, Sir joseph Launcelot was an interesting man,  Gee was out riding her red bike, they invited Gee back for dinner, Gee liked that idea as she knew who had made the sausages, they were yummy, then they met Linda Puddle duck, she was too busy to stop and talk, she was hurrying back to church as she had once more forgotten her green gumboots.

It had been great meeting everyone, but it was now time to go home and make dinner, Gee sat and read the new picture book to Henrietta, Ursula and Henry cooked the dinner of sausages and potatoes, Gee had given Henry some green beans, her friend Guppy the gander had a good vegetable garden and surely, he wouldn’t miss a handful! Henry had made a pink birthday cake as he knew that it was Ursula’s birthday, they sang happy birthday, Ursula was so full, she thought she might burst. 

After dinner they played Uno, Hannah won every game, mmm, not sure how?

After a good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast, it was time to catch the early train back to the city, Henry gave Ursula a Huge hug, he wasn’t worried as he knew that he would see his friend in exactly one year, 

Happy birthday Ursula 🎂

In memory of my Grandma Lillian May Couling Keith born 27th January 1904

Left this world as we know it May 27th 1975 🌹

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