20 May

Tony the turtle and Angus the Scottish terrier visit the prom

Tony and Angus were great mates, they liked going on adventures, 

Tonys little truck was great for carrying the tent, all the camping gear and the rubber dingy 


one day they went camping at the Prom, they found a great spot, put up the tent and blew up the dingy and the mattresses, they were all set,  they put the dingy into the water and tied it up to a log, there was another dingy tied up to the log as well, 

there was a crowd close by, they were having fun playing volleyball, 

Tony and Angus went over to talk to them, it turned out that they were all from the mini Moke club, that would explain the red, blue, white, yellow and purple little cars, they were very cute,

the club boss said to be careful as there was a  storm brewing, sure enough there was, suddenly the wind picked up, the rain came down, so heavy that a stream was running through the tent, the mattresses made there way out of the door, the two dingys floated out to sea, Oh Dear! what will they do ?

Tony was brave, he paddled out into the rough sea, he swan as hard as he could, he caught the ropes with his teeth, he tugged and tugged, pulling both the dingys back to shore, they were safe, Tony was exhausted, and then just like that the sun appeared, the clouds disappeared , the tent and the mattresses were drying out, the sea was still again, the club people, Angus  and Tony took turns in paddling out to sea in the dingys, that was fun, they watched the fish swim by and out too see they could see a splash maybe it was Walter the Whale or perhaps Daisy and Daphne  the twin dolphins that people had seen frolicking out to sea 

soon it was time for dinner, no fish to eat but just as well they had that tin of baked beans. 

tomorrow is  another day, i wonder what adventures they may get up too.


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