12 Oct

Henry and his friends went  to the dance at the local hall, Lionel the frilled neck lizard was dancing with his friend Elijah the green tree snake, the boys were visiting Bunyip from the Top End of Australia, they now  lived with family in the Northern Territory. The dance was fun and Lionel was having a great time dancing until one of his boots flew off, the boot flew through the air just missing Rocky the rooster, the friends looked everywhere, but it couldn’t be found, Henry the Bunyip took Lionel to the boot maker, where a new set of boots were made, Lionel was happy, he had new bright yellow boots, Lionel didn’t mind how bright they were as yellow was his favourite  colour and he thought they would be  easy to find, Much much later Henry and Iggy were fishing in the Bunyip river,  Henrys line got stuck, he pulled and pulled and as the line came free, a boot was stuck on the hook , it was Lionel’s boot, finding the boot caused more questions, why was it in the river, how did it get there and where was the other boot?  nobody knows, but Lionel didn’t care, he had nice yellow boots and he could dance even better.

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