28 Feb

Susie the swan Missed meeting up with Bella at butterfly dance. The little butterfly’s were on a breakSusie felt slightly lonely so she decided to watch her favourite show on television. She watched the Crown, the film was all about the Royal family. Susie the swan loved the Royal family not just one but all of the Royal families all over the world Susie was kinda lost in her tv show when the doorbell rang.There was Henry the Bunyip and Bella the pig, they stood at the door with a very big vanilla cake.It was huge and looked delicious Susie had forgotten that today was her birthday.A little while later, Bella, Susie and Henry sat down with a slice of cake and a nice cup of tea, they chuckled ,’ fancy forgetting your birthday’Just as well Henry remembers everybody’s birthdays Have a great day Susie 🎂🥳🤗💕 Love always Henry ♥️

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