03 Jun

June 3, 2023

Long Long ago, well not that long ago, there was a young fellow named Benny Boy, Benny Boy loved animals especially eagles and a certain type of snake,  

Henry was a little afraid of snakes, but sometimes you must face your fears, Henry knew that and recently he held a python, well it was wrapped around his neck!

Benny Boys favorite place to hang out was Gumboot Valley, Gumboot valley was in a secret location, Benny liked this spot as it was a cool place to hang out with the eagles.

One day Benny boy asked Henry the Bunyip if he would like to go on an adventure, he could bring his friends and said that he would be bringing his friend Fi, Suddenly Henry thought of his friend Fi the Green tree frog, would she be there?  He hoped so. 

Benny arranged to meet at Gumboot Valley, he gave Henry the secret directions, 

Henry gathered his friends together, Tony the turtle would transport them in his little red truck, as it just so happened, he would be delivering trees nearby, and he would pick them up when they had finished their adventure, he said to listen out for a long beep. 


The day arrived, Wilber T wombat, Kylie the Koala, William the wallaby, Penelope the spider, Henry and Lionel the frilled neck lizard, who was visiting from the Top end again all set off in Tonys truck. 

When they arrived, they found Benny boy, he was beaming, with him stood a small girl, in her hand she held small toy piano, Benny said meet my best friends, this is Fi and here is Ernie the eagle, wow Henry was amazed to see the beautiful eagle but where was his friend Fi, it was Benny’s best friend not Fi Henrys best friend, Henry hid his disappointment, he noticed Fi had a toy piano, he wondered about that, but he  didn’t say anything,  after a climb up the mountain, Benny showed the group his favorite look out, wow you could see for miles, they found a nice grassy spot for the picnic that Henry had bought with him, Henry set up the cups of tea and sticky buns, Benny thought there just might of been hot chocolate or coffee or him, but as we know Henry just loves his cup of tea, every one enjoyed the picnic whilst looking at the view, Benny told everyone about his exciting adventures, Ernie showed a few of his tricks, he could fly up side down and high in the sky, he was a very nice eagle, Fi played her piano and everyone sang, suddenly they heard a long beep coming from further down the hill,  it was Tony the turtle, it was time to go home, they said goodbye to Benny, Fi and Ernie 

Later at home , Henry was thinking about his day, he was a tiny bit disappointed at not seeing his friend Fi, he was glad to meet new friends and hear about Bennys adventures but Henry didn’t really know why the place was called Gumboot Valley? 

This story is for ranger Benny, who spend his time at Gumbuya world or on television

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