19 Jan

Today is Queenie's birthday. 

These are her stories thus far. 

Happy Birthday my dear friend.

Susie’s Book.

Queenie is a beautiful cow.

She loves books and crocheting Henry and Henrietta’s jackets.

She works in a library. 

She makes sure the books are in order and ready for the next person to take out.

One day Queenie found a book, it had a message written inside:

If you find this book….

Please return to Susie the Swan.

Queenie knew that this was an important message, so she looked up the register looking for the name Susie.

She ran her hooves down the page and 

there it was - Susie the Swan,

Queenie rang the number and asked 

“Hello is that Susie?”

“Yes it is” was the reply.

Susie sounded upset, Queenie told her that she had found her book.

“Yippee!” shouted Susie, “I will be right over”.

It only took her a minute, and there she was right in front of Queenies desk.

“My book! My book!” she yelled

“You found my book! How can I ever repay you?”

Queenie answered with a whisper 

“Why is your book so important?”

Susie said “look here in the back page, 

it’s a treasure map, now that I have my book back I will share the map with you.” 

“We can go on an adventure together and find out where the treasure is”

Queenie liked that idea, but that’s another story.


Treasure Map Adventures.

Today Susie and Queenie were going to follow the treasure map.

They unfolded the map on the table 

“Look there’s a cross!”

“What does that mean?”

“A cross could mean treasure was there”

They went out side, which way would they go?

Maybe the map was upside down?

Then they saw clues drawn on the map. The sun is there, the tree is there.

“Let’s find that tree”

They looked and looked, then found the tree. 

Now they just had to find the cross, they looked all around the tree, and they looked at the map again.

They needed to walk seven steps to the left. 

Boy oh boy which way was right?

They walked seven steps that way there was nothing there.

“We better go the other way”

Seven steps again. Now they saw it. 

A cross! The cross was nailed on the fence 

Where could the treasure be? 

Under the fence they could see something sticking out of  the ground.

It was a tin box, that must be the treasure!

They dug the box out and opened it 

Susie and Queenie were happy. 

Inside were two sparkling gems, one was blue and one was green.

They were so pretty. 

The girls decided they would keep one each

Queenie thought that her blue gem would look nice on one of her hooves and Susie said she would put her green gem on her crown. 

How happy they were!

Susie found her treasure but also made a new friend.

Happy Birthday 


Thank you for your kindness

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