28 Feb

Henry the Bunyip liked photography, he was always in front of the camera, Pete was a terrific photographer, he was always behind the camera taking the most amazing photographs, He loved taking pictures of flowers and scenery Today it is Pete’s birthday, Henry was having a photography class, he had made Pete a big chocolate cake, Henry had a little camera, Pete was a great teacher, the first thing he said was to take the lens cover off, no wonder Henry couldn't see anything. The boys spent all day practising taking photos, soon it was time for afternoon tea, Ruthie ( Pete best Friend) had set the table with her finest lace cloth, the china teapot was in the centre and the chocolate birthday cake was there too, the cake had 10 candles, this meant that Pete was ten, or did it?Pete loaded the pictures onto his computer, there was some very dark photos, especially the ones when the lens was still on, but Henry did see that he had taken some very nice pictures, he couldn't wait to show his friend Hannah, Hannah was at home, she had a head cold and couldn't go out visiting.Thank you Pete for showing Henry how to use his camera, happy birthday from all of Henry the Bunyips friends

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