21 Jul

After a refreshing rest Henry the Bunyip is ready to go on a new adventure. Where will he go today?

Yesterday was so much fun!

Henry liked visiting Olinda, 

Olinda is named after Olinda Creek, which begins in the township. The creek was named in 1858 after Alice Olinda Hodgkinson, the daughter of Clement Hodgkinson, Victoria's acting Surveyor General.

Henry liked visiting Butlers Vintage Depot, Dr Quirky vintage Emporium, Treasures of Istanbul, The Sassafras Sweet Co. Lennox Of Sassafras, 

Truffaux - The Mountain Hat Shop

Geppetto's Workshop

And most of all Pie In the Sky

Yesterdays adventures was fun

Thank you Olinda 

Happy Thursday everyone!

Love always Henry ♥️

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