30 Jun

It is Mr Kooka’s  birthday 

His face book page says he is only 23, Well that is a bit of a leg pull! but anyway, it is his birthday, Happy Birthday Mr Kooka Owl 

Wilma the sweet honey Bee was in the kitchen making a huge chocolate cake, she has a box full of assorted candles, but she is a bit confused as to how many to place on the cake.

Henry the Bunyip sometimes has that problem too, so he suggests just putting two candles on the cake, one for today and one for the next day, into the next years age.

kooka is a very clever journalist writing stories for the news paper, he keeps very busy, 

Mrs Honey Bee hopes that Kooka will take the time to relax and enjoy a nice cup of tea with a big slice of yummy chocolate cake. 

many people are born on this day the 30th of June 

Happy Birthday to everyone!

Henry the Bunyip wishes kooka and all the others a very Happy Birthday.

Don’t work too hard Mr kooka twenty three turns in to seventy plus very fast.

 love always Henry ♥️




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