17 Aug

Felix the Shetland pony was looking at the apple tree. 

There was one red apple left. He loves red apples but this one was high up on the top. 

He wondered how he might get the apple to fall.

He bumped the tree!  nothing, He blew the tree nothing, the apple was stuck, it wouldn’t budge!

Meanwhile Maggie the field mouse was painting her fingernails a nice pink colour.  it matched her new baby doll pyjamas. Today was her birthday, she was feeling happy.

While outside enjoying a cup of peppermint tea and letting, her nails dry in the sun she could hear noises coming from the paddock. 

In the distance she could see Felix, he looked like he was blowing at the apple tree. 

How strange!

She went closer to investigate.

Felix was happy to see his friend.

He told her all about the red apple.

Maggie listened and told him that she had a new ladder. 

Let’s go and get it the. I can climb up to the highest branch and knock down the apple.

she knew that ladder would be handy. Felix was grateful the apple fell, he munched it up in no time, it was delicious, Felix thanked Maggie and set off to search for another apple tree.

An hour later Maggie was still sitting in the tree, the view was great, she could see for miles. She was thinking of her next adventure. Memories of her last year's holiday were flooding back, Maggie wanted to go on a new adventure, maybe trekking in the Himalayas would be nice, she liked mountains, her friend Matty the trail runner had told her about trail running in the French alps, Chamonix was especially wonderful, trekking in the Himalayas would be just as wonderful,

Suddenly Maggie was brought back to life,  

Julie the Blue bird was chirping loudly, she was excited her babies were almost here, 

Maggie looked over towards the bakery, she could see Henry the Bunyip was busy baking a cake, oh, ‘that must be for me ‘Maggie exclaimed,

A chocolate cake with pink icing, yum, Maggie said goodbye to Julie, she quickly climbed down the ladder, she needed to get home as fast as she could, one of her nails had been chipped and she had to get ready for her party and she was still wearing her pyjamas, 


Later that night dressed in her pretty party dress, Maggie went to visit Henry, Hannah and Henrietta, to her surprise the whole gang was there, Felix was telling everyone about the last red apple, M J was there talking about his next adventure running across the Mt Hotham mountains,   

Henry’s cake was sitting on the table, it looked delicious., everyone had a big slice, and it was yummy. 

Thank you, Henry, you always make the best birthday cakes. 

The party was fun, Maggie had a big day and needed a rest. 

That night she dreamed of her a new adventure. 

Perhaps she would go on a train across Australia, dreams can take you anywhere!

Happy Birthday Maggie dream big 

The world is your oyster. 




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