15 Jul

For my mate MattyV’s 40th birthday  

M J the trail runner 

MJ loves the trails, one of his favourite activities is running. up and down Mountains, leaping over creeks and branches and things that may slither in the Bush, the possums and wombats hear him coming and keep well out of the way. 

The shady trees are great if it’s hot and they give shelter when it’s wet. 

The seasons don’t matter to MJ he just loves running in the great outdoors.

Now that he’s forty the trail may be a teeny bit harder, but if we know MJ, he will keep on running  He loves the great outdoors, the sights and sounds, the cold breeze, the view up on top, the excitement and adventure trail, may you keep on running MJ but please stop for fruit cake 🎂 

Happy Birthday MJ 🏃‍


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