24 Mar

Lynx was a lucky cat.

When he was little he lived with a little old lady.

Life was good but sadly one day the little old lady got sick and couldn’t look after Lynx any more

Lynx was sad, he didn’t feel lucky anymore. 

Lynx looked for a new home.

He wandered and wandered and 

then one day he found a new home with a lovely lady and her lovely family.

Lynx had a new bed and a new friend Bruce, Bruce was a big dog, he had a big woof too, but he was  a nice friend and Lynx felt safe!

Lynx loved living with the lovely lady, she was kind and Lynx wasn’t lonely any more.

One day  another lady visited with her new book.

The book was about Henry the Bunyip and his 26 friends, lynx loved the part that talked about Mittens the kitten and her mum Nell the lovely cat, 

Lynx thought that they were lucky to be in a book and he wanted to be friends with them too

Lynx was indeed lucky.

He loved his family and now that he knew Henry the Bunyip he was even more happier.

Lynx made a new motto

Live life lynx’s way 

Henry the Bunyip liked that motto 

He made a motto too !  howzat Henry! 


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