28 Apr

Larry the lazy log was just laying on the beach, he was the laziest log ever, he just lay there doing nothing!

Fi the little green tree frog wasn’t lazy at all, she had been busy, each morning she would walk along the beach picking up driftwood and watching the waves roll in, the beach was her favourite place.

One day walking along the beach, loving the feel of the warm sand between her toes whilst filling up her little blue bucket with the treasures she found along the way,  she saw something in the distance, it was something big and dark, and it was not moving, she went closer and saw that it was a big piece of driftwood - a huuuuuuge big piece of driftwood. 

She said “hello driftwood” the driftwood didn’t answer it just let out a groan, Fi said ‘Oh! are you hurt?” With a harrumph the driftwood growled “leave me alone, I don’t  feel like talking!” 

Now Fi wasn’t used to this nonsense as she loved to chat so she didn’t give up,  she said “what’s your name driftwood?”  the driftwood said “my name is Larrrrrrry” Fi could see that he was very tired, “why are you so tired Larry?”

 Larry replied that all night he had been looking for his friend Lisa the piece of driftwood.   

Fi the green tree frog wanted to help, so she asked Larry if she could stand on him so that she could get a better view of the sea, she looked and looked, and then she saw a piece of drift wood bobbing out at sea, she yelled out “what is your name?” the little driftwood yelled back “my name is Lisa”, hooray Fi had found Larry’s friend and with that Larry relaxed, “thats my friend” he just had to wait for the tide to turn and then he could get back to his friend. 

While they waited Fi told him the story about the time that she had lost her lace hanky, she told Larry about Xena the magpie who loved to collect trinkets  and how Henry the Bunyip helped her find her lace hanky because Xena thought it would make a nice treasure. 

Suddenly Larry moved, the tide was coming in soon so he would be able to meet his friend Lisa.

Larry wasn’t lazy anymore, in fact he had heaps of energy and he didn’t grizzle anymore either, with the incoming tide he was free. Larry thanked Fi for all her help and keeping him company.

Fi the green tree frog knew that she would see Larry again, she had made a new friend today. 

Fi finished her walk and went home, she felt happy! Later she would tell Henry the Bunyip all about her adventures, maybe one day she would visit Henry and his friends and they could all enjoy a nice cup of tea with one of Henry’s famous sticky buns, now wouldn’t that be nice!

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