26 Jun

How well do you know Henry the Bunyip and his twenty six friends! lets see, Henry is friendly little fellow, he loves going on adventures with his friends and he likes sharing his stories to his webpage , he always listens, he never tells your secrets, not to  anyone, not even his best friend.

Henry has a blue bike, his bike has a basket sometimes he likes to help and deliver things to people,  

Henry has a baby sister, her name is Henrietta, she is very cute and looks a lot like Henry,

Henry lives at a bakery, he likes baking but his favourite food is sticky buns and he loves a cup of tea, he does like fruit and veggies, he knows that they are very good for you,  Henry gets his apples and honey from the market every month, Mr Bee is always there with his honey,  The apple kids are there too, they sell apples  from their very own orchard, Henry lives next door to Mr Guppy, he has a big vegetable garden, he is very proud of his veggies, he  grows tomatoes ,pumpkins, broccoli, cabbage, beans and zucchinis,

 Mr Guppy sometimes gives Henry a pumpkin, when he does, Henry makes, creamy pumpkin soup, he bakes crusty bread, they are both really yummy  to have on cold winter days,  in the summer time Mr Guppy’s has juicy red tomatoes, they are nice to have with cheese on a crunchy biscuit,  Henry likes helping  Mr Guppy in his garden , Mr Guppy’s friend Gee sometimes likes helping too, She makes nice tomato relish from the tomatoes, and puts the beans into the freezer so she can have them all year round,  her favourite colour is blue, 

Henry’s friend Jenny has a beautiful flower garden, she is a florist and makes nice floral arrangements for people, Jennys favourites are  the orange zinnia flowers, sometimes Henry is  allowed to pick some flowers,  he puts them into a vase at the bakery they look very pretty.

can you think of any blue vegetables, fruits, or blue flowers?

Henry can! he has heard of 

forget me knots, agapanthus, asters and blue bells.

blueberries, grapes, and elderberries

blue tomatoes and blue carrots, do you think you would like blue carrots? you might think that Henrys favourite colour is blue, but it is actually Yellow.   

Now we know alot more about Henry!

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