26 May

Henry the Bunyip’s big adventure 

Henry was on an adventure with the hub folk, he loves hanging out with them, they are fun, today they all went to Gumbuya world, Henry likes this place and remembers last year when he got to meet Kylies friend Pebbles the koala, today Henry was hoping to see her again,

Gumbuya world was once again hosting a day for Community groups 

The event for seniors was to enjoy a delicious Devonshire tea and a cup of tea and visit the wildlife, 

Henry was excited, he and his hub friends were going to have a great day 

First Henry saw a  python, the Python was very nice, Henry was not chicken, not like a couple of other people,  Henry’s friend Gee was so excited to see her friend Zack, he was looking after Narla the dingo, she was very pretty and she had very nice manners, not even making a sound,  she didn’t even look  Henry in his eye,  which was a relief, as Henry had heard stories about dingoes, 

Ranger Benny was chatting to people, Henry heard someone say he was cute, but he wouldn’t go that far,  Benny was okay, especially for a fellow who’s been on a quiz show, sometimes people on television get a bit upity

Henry is sure he wouldn’t be like that if he was on television, 

the bird show was great, those birds were pretty smart, one could even sing, Henry liked travelling the park on the train 

It was a quick way to see everything, Henry almost forgot the rule that your not allowed to hang out of the carriage, Judy had to  hang on tight too, 

Later on Henry was in the gift shop and he couldn’t believe it

It was just like looking in the mirror, there was another Henry 

This one is named Senior, he was visiting with the Longwarry seniors group,  Henry couldn’t believe it another Bunyip at Gumbuya world. 

Henry and Senior sat on the shelf chatting, next to them was a furry little fellow, he  said his name was Sam the Sloth,  poor Sam spoke so slow, he must have been worn out after going on too many rides. Henry like Sam and all the other animals 

Senior and Henry thought that they would like to stay there, as the animals must have so much fun at night when the staff go home, but sadly they had to go home, they wondered if they would meet there again next year?

Henry the Bunyip sat at home sipping his nice warm cup of tea.

He didn’t want a sticky bun, he was too full from having the scone, jam and cream, or was it ? cream and jam, catching up with friends is fun, Hanging out at Gumbuya park is fun too,  

did Henry catch up with Pebbles ? well maybe! if that was her with her head poking out from the gum tree, he will have to visit her again next time . 

next year cannot come fast enough! 

hold on Henry!  Christmas is first

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