12 Oct

Henry sat under the gum tree. Earlier that day he had travelled to Tonimbuk just over the highway from Bunyip, Henry liked the bush. His friends Kylie and William were there. Henry hadn’t seen them for a long time, Kylie was contented, the gum tree she sat in was just right ,she was a bit fussy when it came to those delicious leaves. William the Wallaby had the longest eye lashes that any one had ever seen, Henry asked him what was the best thing about the long lashes. William told him they came in very handy when the bush flies were annoying, Henry agreed, those flies could be a pest, he seemed to be always waving his paw in the air. Kylie suggested that Henry get a hat with corks, sounds like a good idea. Henry opened his Picnic basket, Sticky buns and a thermos of tea. Yum. They all enjoyed the afternoon tea. In the distance they heard chatter like bird noises , was it Xena the magpie or Kooka the owl? Maybe they could join in the picnic too , There was enough sticky buns to share, they didn’t come any closer maybe they were having a meeting, Henry knew that Xena and Kooka occasionally had important business to discuss. Henry said  good bye to his friends and peddled his blue bike  home across the highway, down the hill to Main Street Henry was content  he had a fun day catching up with his friends. Tomorrow was Friday fun day, he might see Xena and hear about her meeting with Kooka 🦉That sounded like a good plan.

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