22 Jun

Having started back in 1900, the Bunyip show was on again 

Henry the Bunyip and his friends were all going, it was a beautiful day.

Bella the pink pig was so excited, her purple shoes were polished and she 

even had purple nail polish on her pinkies,

It was a very long time ago that Bella won a blue ribbon at the Melbourne show and today she was hoping for a new one.

Henry the Bunyip had been busy in the bakery 

He had made a batch of sticky buns 

His sticky buns were neatly piled on a plate and as usual they looked yummy, sitting on the  table with all the other products,  Mrs Anderson’s jam tart did look splendid.

All the tables were loaded with cakes, pumpkins, jams and  works of art were hanging on the wall, beautiful wood work and knitting too, Hannah’s beautiful blue Jumper was amongst them, she was hoping for a prize, Henry looked very nice wearing blue, he would so look smart wearing the jumper,  his blue eyes would twinkle 

Charlie the goat had that certain cheeky look, you just never know what he might get up too, 

The tin can on his horn had been polished, maybe he was just happy to be with his friends,  he was looking forward to seeing Angus . Angus was entered in the Scottie dog section,

His coat had been brushed and his teeth were white, He looked very nice, Annie was there giving him lots of  advice, she was a bit bossy that way, but she meant well, 

The day was going well,

Show bags were bought, fairy floss too and everyone loved the clowns, they were fun,

Gee won a bell, she would put that on her red bike, Drake the Jaguar like the 

duck shooting gallery, he was very good at that game.  He won a set of cards for his effort.

They visited the tin shed, while they admired the handiwork, Henry set up a table with cups of tea and some of his sticky buns, he had won a highly commendable award and Mrs Anderson’s jam tart received a first prize,  Henry wasn’t worried he knew his sticky buns were delicious, but he wouldn’t mind trying the jam tart, he would have to ask Mrs Anderson for the recipe 

After they enjoyed a cup of tea, they went outside for a look at the other events, they saw that 

Bella had won a blue ribbon, and Charlie received an award for the  best cheeky grin 

Angus also won  the poochy bubble bath award he wasn’t too sure about that but it might be fun 

Every one went home happy and a wee bit tired, the show would be on again.

Henry would practice his sticky bun making and maybe he could win a blue ribbon next year

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