16 Feb

Henry Dalzell Bunyip and his family went on a family holiday. He boarded a big Boeing 737 800 jet.

Henry was excited as they soared into the sky, Tullamarine was just a little dot, the clouds were fluffy and white. Henry closed his eyes and soon after he was in Auckland New Zealand How exciting! Henry was so happy, he had always wanted to visit New Zealand. Once well rested, he enjoyed a New Zealand sticky bun and a refreshing cup of tea, he was then set to do some sightseeing. He visited the sky tower,  he went high into the sky,  so high he was 186 metres  above the street, he could see 360  degrees all the way around, he could see far far away into the distance, he could see landmarks and volcanoes, Henry was amazed, it was a bit scary when the building moved, after another cup of tea to regain his confidence and settle his nerves Henry went off to  Hamilton, Hamilton is  about one  hour from Auckland , he  visited the beautiful gardens, he saw the many themed gardens, he liked the Italian,  Japanese, Indian, English, and Egyptian gardens ,but his favourite was a surrealist garden where everything is giant sized, Henry felt so small,

The  next day Henry went to Howick, Howick is a historical village, it was very  interesting , Henry liked learning  how the early residents lived in the 1800’s 

One lovely morning Henry went on a self-drive rail car in Rotorua. Groups of rail cars spaced well apart travel 10km, they go in one direction from Mamaku railway station to Tarukenga railway, he listened to the audio and heard all about the railway history.     

Henry liked the day when he visited  Mitai Māori village, he especially liked the dinner that was cooked on a Hangi. A Hangi is a traditional method of cooking food using heated rocks buried in a pit oven Henry told the cook that the food was yummy, the people put on a show, it was excellent, they  danced and preformed the Haka, the Haka  is a  ceremonial traditional Māori dance, The action of face painting, bulging eyes, and tongue poking out have special meaning, showing pride, strength and unity, Henry wondered if he could poke out his tongue would that make him look strong?  the night was lot of fun Another day he went to Whakarewarewa village and took a guided tour of the village where people still live today, he saw geothermal trails and geysers spouting boiling water and steam, Henry had to stay away from the steam, he didn’t like his fur getting wet,

 Howick historical village is a living history museum on 7 acres of grounds and has beautiful heritage gardens

New Zealand was an exciting country to visit! Henry Dalzell Bunyip and his family loved visiting New Zealand and would love to discover more about this wonderful country Henry arrived home, tired and really worn out, a rest, cup of tea and a nice sticky bun was needed, as he slept he dreamt about his new friends kit the kiwi and Pat the Pukeko , he wondered if they would like to visit Australia

what Henry didn’t know! was that Pat was writing a letter asking if they could come and visit, that will be a lovely surprise for Henry, don’t you think?

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