19 Aug

The sleep over was going well until Bear made a smell, the boys fell over with surprise,laughing so much, they thought it was very funny, Bear didn’t! it’s not his fault he chewed the wrong  thing out in the garden, he buried his head in his bed and ignored the laughing Bunyips.

While Hank And  Henry were laying on their backs they saw shadows bouncing on the ceiling, they decided to see what shadows they could make, now Bunyips only have three fingers, but they did manage to make a rabbit and some very funny other shapes, one looked like a monocle just like ollie the Penguins one . the boys brushed their teeth and hopped into bed, they decided to watch their favourite movie Clifford the big red dog, they thought they would be a bit scared if they actually met a 10 foot dog but they liked Bear, he wasn’t scary at all, 

By the time the movie had finished, Bear, Henry and Hank were fast asleep, Tomorrow is another day, 

I wonder what breakfast might be?

Sleep well everyone 💤

Love always Henry ♥️

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