24 Jun

Story from another time….

Henry the Bunyip meets Alexander Bunyip

One day Henry the Bunyip was looking through an old magazine, when he saw the name Alexander Bunyip, who was written, illustrated and created by the very well known and loved author Michael Salmon. Henry read about a tour that the National Library had done back in 2001. The National  Library of Australia had visited Bunyip Primary School with the travelling Bunyip Exhibition, which meant that Alexander had been to Bunyip many years ago.Henry decided that Alexander should visit again. Henry contacted the number he found in the magazine and  few days later he received a letter back. Alexander would love to come, he was planning to come on the steam train the next Saturday Henry was delighted and rather nervous at the same time, because Alexander Bunyip was a rather famous fellow. The next Saturday arrived and the steam train pulled in to the station, off got an orange Bunyip , and Henry was in awe, as his visitor looked very grand indeed.Henry didn’t think that they looked very similar at all, but maybe they did? But of course they did, they both were Bunyips!Henry was suddenly  worried that Alexander might not like his sticky buns and a cup of  tea, he might like cucumber sandwiches and tonic water instead? The two bunyips shook paws, Henry felt at home, Alexander was warm and friendly in his response, Henry asked him 'do you like sticky buns and tea'? Of course I do...Alexander said  with a mighty big voice.After morning tea, Henry suggested that they go sightseeing, So they did, they spent a lovely day looking around town. They even went to the next towns and saw the  Ficifolia sculpture that was made by Jo Caminiti the Artist , Alexander especially liked seeing the bee on the Ficifolia flower, the boys then decided to have pizza for lunch, later back in Bunyip Henry showed Alexander his blue bike and his fishing rod,  Alexander though they looked terrific and said if he came again could he have a ride on his bike? He thought going down the hills would be fun! The steam train was coming back soon and Alexander needed to get home, Michael would miss him if he stayed out too long, but he said next time he would see if Michael would come back to Bunyip and maybe visit Bunyip Primary School again, Henry thought that would be a great idea, As he waved goodbye to Alexander and the steam train. Henry was thinking about the next visit, he would invite all his friends, maybe they could all visit the local  primary schools like Alexander Bunyip and Michael Salmon did many years ago 

what a party they would have!

Michaels words when he wrote to Davina recently “….One visit many, many, years ago to give a session on their Author day (other Authors + local Schools attended)

The second time (a bit later) was when The National Library of Australia” launched their Bunyip website as well as their Bunyip travelling (graphics) show for Public Libraries around OZ.”

Many thanks to 

Kerri Cameron

For finding Michaels signed copy of spot the Bunyip 1992 

Treasures always pop up in op shops 

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