06 Apr

Henry the Bunyip loved nothing more than chatting with friends

we all know Henry is a friendly chap and has many friends, its a wonder that he ever gets sticky buns made or gets anything done.

one day Henry was enjoying a cup of tea and oh of course a sticky bun with his friend Gracie, 

Gracie was a very sweet gnome, one of the nicest gnomes ever, Gracie told Henry her story, about the time that she used to live on a farm, she had to rise very early to look after the cows, Gracie liked cows but one day she saw something that changed her life forever , the cows were grazing the sweet grass that was near the river, Gracie would sit on a rock reading her book, but this day something had caught her eye, it was another gnome he was fishing, Gracie went on, she said she couldn’t wait to talk to him,  she went over and started chatting, her new friend was named Ean, he was very lovely, Gracie said the cows didn’t seem to mind they just went on minding their own business  munching the grass,  Ean told Gracie that he liked building and loved fishing even more,  they talked all day, the sun was going down, the cows wanted to go home, Gracie didn’t! she was enjoying her time with Ean. she couldn’t wait to see him again. Henry listened, she said the next day she had thought of a plan, she  told Henry that one of the other gnomes Gretel love disco dancing and would stay out all night dancing, Gretel loved watching sunrises and she would sleep late , gnomes are meant to do just that but anyway Gracie had asked her  if she would look after the cows,  she suggested that maybe she could even have a snooze with one eye on the cows, Gretel liked that idea, Gracie was a fast mover, later that day she moved into town, she told Henry that she and Ean had now been together for a very long time,  that they had a lovely family.

‘you just don’t know when you will find your forever and ever do you? ‘

Henry was impressed with Gracie’s story, he said that his for ever and ever was Hannah, maybe he better spend some time with her this Easter and tell her that as he didn’t want to loose her, Drake the Jaguar was hanging around too much, Henry just couldn’t trust him, 

have a lovely Easter 

love always Henry 



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