13 May

8 minutes story ✍️

Henry was looking in the cupboard , what was that furry thing on the top shelf?  Henry pulled it out, the tag said Furby,   put 4AA batteries in to me and I will be your talking friend ,

Henry found four new batteries, he  put them in to the toy and sure enough the Furby started to babble, well babble  was right, he babbled on and on, poor Henry didn’t know what the Furby was even talking about. later that day Henry and Furby sat outside in the warm sunshine, Henry thought that the Furby needed a name so Henry decided to call him Frank, Furby must have liked that name as Furby started to speak words that Henry could understand, words like nice, friend, scared, hungry, sleepy the Furby just kept on chatting and babbling away,  Henry was a bit tired, what would he do, should he take the batteries out ? and put Frank back in the cupboard , maybe not, maybe the Furby would just be quiet, what if ?  Henry sat on him, would that work? Henry tried that , he sat on the Furby and the Frank said, I’m sleepy,  goodnight, suddenly, all was quite  and there wasn’t any sound at all, Henry was happy he’d made a new friend and he knew how to make him be quiet too! goodnight Frank and good night all 💤

love always Henry ♥️

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