29 Jul

Frances was excited as today was her school concert, Hartwell Primary was putting on a spectacular musical called Seussical JR 

The whole school was preforming A-J and k to Z , having been split over two days. Henry the Bunyip was impressed as he knows his alphabet very well especially now that he has his book.

Henry the Bunyips A-Z of friends

Seussical is based on Dr Suess’s books.

Famously The Cat in the Hat was the main character, all the other favourites were there, like: Horton, JoJo, Gertrude, Mayzie La bird, Thing 1 and Thing 2 and many other characters too, but most importantly was the who’s citizens from Whoville, the city of Whoville is found on a speck of dust which is on a clover flower.

Frances looked wonderful, in her orange and yellow clothes, her yellow cap was perched perfectly on her golden curls, Jimmy would have been so proud of his friend if he could have gone, but he couldn’t find his glasses again, he will have to wait for Frances to help find them and then they can watch the DVD together.

Henry, Annie and MJ were so proud of Frances, the audience was amazed at the wonderful talent of every single who’s and remember “A person is a person no matter how small” Henry likes these famous words of the most wonderful Dr Suess 

Congratulations Frances 


Love always Henry  ♥️

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