17 Oct

Ella the little pink fairy loved reading, she would sit in the garden for hours reading her books, Ella has very long hair, she has a pink bow, her favourite colour is pink, she even has pink shoes and a pink fairy dust bag ,One day Ella met Henry the Bunyip, she granted him 3 wishes, Now Henry the Bunyip didn’t know anything about wishes, he was a happy fellow and didn’t really wish for anything more, he asked his friends, they said that Henry had to ask for the wish, something from his heart, Henry pondered this idea, he sat under the big gum tree and thought hard  what would he wish for? The pink fairy gave Henry a big leaf, she had told him to write the wishes on the leaf and then throw the wish into the breeze. Suddenly Henry knew wish number one, he had always wanted a baby sister, he wrote that down Now number two, well Henry thought he could always have some new clothes , he wrote down, wish number two, new clothes He thought long and hard about wish number three as that was his last wish, Okay he knew what it was He wrote on the leaf Wish number three, I want to be in a book and on television, The fairy told Henry to throw the leaf into the breeze, it blew higher and higher, until it couldn’t be seen, Henry asked the fairy "do you think my wishes will come true?" The fairy said, be patient, believe and be very good and they might,  Henry was happy with that, Ella the pink fairy and Henry the Bunyip sat under the gum tree , they had all that they had ever needed. Pink sticky buns. Pink milk and Henry had his favourite cup of tea “Wishes can come true to those who wait”

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