09 Jan

Sarah the most kind sugar plum fairy was missing her family in the east. She knew that today it was her cousin Ella the pink fairy’s tenth birthday, Sarah knew that this was a very special day as she remembers her very own tenth birthday party that she had with her sisters, Peta the Poppy fairy and Emma the Emerald fairy. Sarah wanted to be there, as she was a fairy she was clever enough to teleport, all she had to do was close her eyes and wish that she was there, oh, that really does work, Suddenly Sarah was at  27, the party was in full swing, there was Henry, wow Henry the Bunyip is real, he was very cute and clever too, he had made a super big pink cake, Everybody was there, Rex the fox,  Annie and Angus, Maggie the field mouse,  Jenny, Gee, Ziggy, Ollie,  Rocky, Bella, Hannah, Ajax the Ant,  baby Henrietta, Queenie, Ris and Charlie, the birthday girl was amazed to see Sarah, she had often wondered about teleporting, she must find out about that, it might just come in handy, but for now Ella was happy to see her family,  Ella liked giving gifts too,  today she had a big surprise for Sarah, just then, there was a knock at the door, it was Vivienne the beautiful shark wearing her best pink pearl necklace,  Sarah was amazed and so happy to see her special friend,  the family were  too, they all laughed and sat sown to sing happy Birthday, they ate the pink birthday cake and i bet they had a nice cup tea as well!

Happy birthday Ella, we hope you have the best birthday yet!

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