20 May

Henry the bunyip’s friend Eleanor was a brave elephant,

He knew she was very brave as Eleanor would drive her little blue car everywhere. 🚙

one day Eleanor was going on a adventure, she asked  Bootle the Rockstar butterfly and Annie the Scotty dog to go with her to Wilson’s Prom.

Eleanor had packed all the camping gear and the rubber dingy into the little blue car, there wasn’t much room for Bootle and Annie , when they arrived at the beach they all set up the camp, they blew up the dinghy and put it into the water, Eleanor tied it up to a log so it wouldn’t float away,

There was a lot of other people camping,  they all drove little cars, they were all different colours, there was a red one, a  green one and a white one,  even a purple one,  they all belong to a special club called the mini moke club,  There was a lot of fun to be had , playing volleyball, throwing the frisbee, eating mushy marshmallows that were melted by the campfire, and swimming in the sea, the dingy was used by everyone, they all took turns with rowing, everyone had a great time, the weekend went by very quickly and sadly it was time to go home, everyone packed up. They said their goodbyes,  Eleanor didn’t want to go home she wanted to keep on driving , she bundled everyone up  in the little blue car and off they drove towards Sydney,  Lookout! everyone!  its lake Burly Griffin,  she drove straight through  Canberra not stopping and onto Wollongong,  the traffic was busy , but nothing would stop Eleanor , she was brave, finally arriving in Sydney, Eleanor pulled up at Mrs Leslie honey Bear house,   Mrs honey Bear was very surprised to see her friend on her doorstep,  she invited them all in  and they enjoyed well earned cups of tea, after a long chat and a few more cups of tea, Eleanor and her passengers bid farewell to Leslie, they went on their way home,  they drove and drove and didn’t stop until they reached the bakery  at Orbost, Eleanor bought salad rolls and large cream buns not allowing anyone to eat them until they reached the sea, eventually the sea appeared , hurrah , three hungry tummy’s enjoyed lunch watching the waves roll onto the beach, much much later at home Eleanor was contented, she was very tired ,but she had been very brave. She slept well that night, being brave and going on adventures certainly did make a elephant tired!


Where will Henry the Bunyip’s or Eleanor the Elephants  next adventure take them ?

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