16 Mar

Henry the Bunyip was looking in the attic, in the very back corner he  found an old box.

The old box was sealed, he could see the letters ccc faintly in the dust, ‘ good gracious’ why hadn’t Henry seen these before?

Henry always liked a mystery. 

Later while sitting at the table with a cup of tea and a sticky bun, he studied the box, he wondered what was in it.

He dusted the box off and opened it, inside he found two  postcards, one was stamped New Zealand and the other one was stamped Scotland, this was exciting, 

on the front was written

To Henry love from your curious cousin, Henry was intrigued, 

Curious cousin, who was that?

Henry turned over the two cards

The first one said 

Greetings from New Zealand 

Having a great holiday 


Wayne the giant Weta xx


This puzzled Henry, he looked at the second card

This one said

Having a wonderful wee little tour of beloved Scotland

Will be attending the cousin reunion soon

Love Cousin Margaret the Red squirrel x


All this was amazing, it seemed that Henry had found two long lost cousins, and they lived  far away in other countries 

What was Henry going to do?

His friend Ajax the ant had given him an old computer, he looked up Wikipedia and found that a Giant weta named Wayne was having a holiday on top of Mt Cook.

He also read that the giant Weta was a very large insect and it  resembled  a grass hopper, they had been around for a very long time, maybe longer than dinosaurs 

Henry was impressed, his new cousin Wayne the Weta was unique, Henry wanted to go to New Zealand straight away and meet Wayne, but he knew he couldn’t do that just yet

Next he typed in the words 

Red squirrel from Scotland , the results  mentioned a red squirrel named Margaret who lived in-the Scottish woods, she was a very clever squirrel, she knew how to store away food for the winter and she was always up for a chat, Henry liked that idea, he himself was always up for a chat 

Now how would he contact these curious cousins from other countries .

Email was his answer, he would email them and he did 

Several weeks later Henry received a email from Wayne the Weta 

Wayne was excited that Henry had contacted him, he promised that he would email every month, Henry was happy, he had a new cousin.


A few days later Henry had a friend request on his social media 

The request came from Margaret the red squirrel, she was excited to hear from Henry as well

That night Henry was enjoying his cup of tea, Hannah was visiting , he told her all  about his discovery, she was very interested to hear about it, but why were the post cards hidden in the box?

That was a mystery, Henry said he didn’t mind, he was happy to have two new curious cousins from another land. 

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