01 Apr

Henry the Bunyip  was visiting his friend Bruce 

Henry had made some of his famous sticky buns, they both wanted  to enjoy a nice cup of tea, watch a bit of telly and just have a quite night. 

Bruce was a nice dog but he had a little bit of a problem, he had so many unwanted visitors.

The Fart family had come to visit  there was  Farty fart, Arty fart, Carty fart, Smarty fart, even cousin Marty fart, they were all there 

The room was crowded and noisy not to mention there was a bit of a smell, Bruce felt embarrassed, he just wanted a quiet night

Henry’s sticky buns turned sickly, a cup of tea was out of the question.

Henry had to do something, 

‘Now Henry was a clever boy’ 

He opened the door, maybe they would just run away ,but  no,they were persistent, they didn’t go,  Henry tried harder, he opened the windows and the door, Henry thought using his tough voice might just work, who knew that Henry could growl? He let out an enormous growl, 

The  fart family took fright and suddenly they were gone, they had disappeared as fast as lightning, Henry felt amazing, 

All was quite and the room was nice again

Bruce was ever so grateful, the sticky buns were delicious , they had survived and  the cup of tea was just perfect,

Henry and Bruce enjoyed the evening after all! 

The rumour was that the fart family were now seen down the road   hanging out with George the Poodle.


Bruce’s motto

Don’t let a fart ruin a good evening.



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