09 Sep

Harry and Bootle were Rockstars,

They loved playing their guitars,

Now as they were delicate butterflies, they had to be very careful to play their music softly as to not hurt their little ears. 

Now that is ridiculous!!!

rock music is loud. 

‘We are Rockstars!  

What will we do?

Harry said” I know, earmuffs.”

now as Harry was a forward thinker, he wasn’t worried when Bootle found some pink fluffy earmuffs, he actually loved the colour pink and if they did the job, they would be great!

So, the pink fluffy earmuffs perfectly blocked out the noise just enough to become the sweetest music to all delicate ears,

That night the butterflies put on the best concert ever.

Everyone was happy. 

Afterwards the band and fans got together, they sang Happy Birthday to Bootle and shared the enormous pink birthday cake that Henry the Bunyip had whipped up. 

Rock on Bootle and Harry! 

Have a great day Bootle.

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