16 Jun

It’s  Archie’s sixth birthday, how exciting, six is a great age, Henry the Bunyip decided to invite Archie the birthday boy, Rocky the rooster and Annie the white Scottish terrier to a super duper video game party,

The birthday cake was made, a very cool green tower cake, with a orange number six, orange is  Archies favourite colour,  Henry set up the big screen, he wrapped up his present, he had got Archie a new controller as his were worn out  or he just couldn’t find them.

the theme was set Archie and Rocky arrived, Rocky had his famous blue controller in his paw,( did you know there called paws 😉  they looked at the table, they  were amazed, the cake was awesome , Archie loved his new  green controller, what a great gift,  it was perfect, Annie was there waiting she was a bit worried as she knew that  Archie and Rocky were good at playing video games and she wasn’t!,  maybe Henry would help her!

 the afternoon went by fast, they had so much fun knocking down zombies, building cities and big buildings , singing Happy birthday and eating the big green cake,  

Annie and Henry made a good team but were just no match for the awesome birthday boy and Rocky, they were just too good, 

Happy birthday Archie we hope you had a great day?  can we come and play zombies again?

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