09 Jan

Ajax was a computer nerd Well if that's not a polite word then his full title would be Computer systems administrator. He was an ant, now ants may be small in statue but they are very clever, Ajax the Ant was very clever, he knew the exact difference  between bytes and gigabytes Henry the Bunyip met Ajax for the very first time at Ellas party, Henry had wondered who this ant was as he was in the corner playing on Henrys computer, Ajax would disagree, that is not playing, its actually work, Ajax letters in his name meant much more than what they spelled, he was actually a secret spy, Ajax actually stood for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, wow that sounded impressive, Ajax was very important, he wasn’t a spy after all, he was needed to make sure everything was working the way it was supposed too Henry asked Ajax about his friends, it seemed Henry wasn’t the only one who had an A-Z list of friends, Ajax’s friend list was long but he likes working with Gig, Bit. and Chip the most, they were really cool mates, they always had a lot of fun.

Everybody needs a Ajax in their life, Henry is real glad, he now has one too.

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