31 Dec

123123 Henry the Bunyip liked numbers; he was thinking very hard about some numbers that he kept seeing, 123123 what does that mean? Was it something to do with his new book? that has numbers, no! 123123 was it an old phone number? no that was Bunyip 123. 123123 Is it a dance step? No! Well it is but not for this number 123 123 Was it a hidden secret message? No! It can be, 123 123 what did it mean? There had to be a clue somewhere, Henry sat at the kitchen table enjoying his early morning cup of tea, suddenly he spotted the calendar, there it was circled for all to see 12/31/23 the answer was simple, the 12th month, the 31st day, and the year 23, now that is just clever, every 100 years 💯 Happy 123123

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