This is Bella the pig,  Bella wanted to be a Ballerina , she had the coolest purple shoes that any body had ever seen, Bella lived on the farm with Charlie the silly billy goat, He was always getting into trouble, one day he was going through the trash, when a tin can got stuck on one of his horns, Charlie did not mind, as he thought he was funny. Bella was a famous pig, she had won a blue ribbon at the Royal Agriculture show, she won not  just because she looked splendid but her purple shoes were awesome, the judges really liked them,  Bella loved to dance, one day she heard noises at the hall, she went and had a peak through the door, she saw children dancing, she wanted to dance too,

the next Monday Bella went back to the hall. Jen the Butterfly dance teacher was nice and she invited Bella to join, Bella lined up with all the little butterflies, she had so fun dancing around and especially liked going on a bear hunt,  She thought that she could play that  game with Henry the Bunyip's friend Ursula

it was time to go home

Bella was tired she decided to have a rest, eventually she fell asleep and she dreamed about the next time when she could go to butterfly dance again