Henry goes to the beach

It was a flip flop kind of day,

It was summer, Henry the Bunyip was feeling hot, he wanted to go to the beach, he asked his friends if they wanted to go to the beach, but no one could, as they were just too busy, Henry was dissapointed, he yelled out 'who wants to go to the beach'? Xena the magpie was looking for worms, she wanted a big juicy worm for her tea, in the distance she could hear Henry yelling, 'who wants to go to the beach ? Xena thought 'why not' i will ask Bob. perhaps we can all go to the beach, Xena found Bob, he was playing with his red ball, Bob thought the beach might be nice too, they went to tell Henry,  Henry was very happy, They went to the beach, they put up a sunshade, laid the towels on the sand, they made a big sand castle and decorated it with seashells, Henry dipped his paw into the water, it was cool,  Bob was having fun, running up and down the beach and chasing waves, On the way home, Henry thought, maybe next time some of the other friends might like to come, but he better tell them early, so they wouldn't be too busy, Henry was happy, the flip flop day turned into a great day.