21 May

This is Ruby 

Say Hello 👋 

Ruby is a sweet little girl, she is a chatterbox, now that’s not a worry as conversation is important and chatting with each other is great, you can learn lots of wonderful things. 

Ruby and Henry were friends, they liked hanging out, just talking about things, like what they liked, we all know that Henry’s favourite things are sticky buns with a nice cup of tea, Ruby likes cups of teas too but her favourite things are butterflies, they are so pretty especially the ones with vibrant colours, 

One day whilst Henry and Ruby were in the garden having a picnic, Ruby jumped up grabbing Henry’s paw, she was very excited as there they was  a lime green and purple butterfly both sitting on the yellow flowers.

Ruby was smart, she had learnt a lot about butterflies, she knew green and purple colours meant special meanings, 

Ruby knew that these butterflies were special, she explained to Henry, who listened intently that the  colour purple has long represented various ideas that include royalty, Henry wondered if Susie the beautiful swan knew this ! also purple represented wealth, and a state of grace. Seeing a purple butterfly in your daily life or your dreams is representative of change for the better, an innate serenity, and gentle strength to help you make it through tough times. It also represents the positive changes that are coming your way, and your spiritual state is going to improve in the near future. The purple butterfly represents transformation and the ability to handle the changes without worry or stress. Then Ruby went on to say that the  green butterfly is said to bring love and abundance.  She said If you've been feeling lonely lately, the green butterfly could be a sign that you're about to allow people into your life that make your world a better place, 

Henry liked this explanation, he didn’t know any of this,  his favourite colour is yellow, he wondered if he might see a yellow butterfly, he has many friends, he might ask Bootle the rockstar butterfly if she knows about yellow, purple and green butterflies, Henry was glad that his friend Ruby came to visit and that he learnt about the green and purple butterflies. 

Ruby is very smart! Keep chatting Ruby! 

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