16 Feb

The bus bumped along the road it was a warm day, a great day to go to the beach. Henry the Bunyip was happy, he loves adventures and today was going to be just that. The group arrived at the beach. Inverloch was a lovely friendly little town with nice shops and a beautiful beach; Henry wandered around the town, he found a sailing ship, the sign said “no climbing”, Henry’s not very good at reading so he just sat on the ship and dreamed about a new name for himself” Captain Henry”, that sounds good, Henry was hungry, he found a bakery, he loves bakery’s, actually living in one gives him all the information about baking bread, the bakery had a sticky bun, now that made Henry very happy! After lunch Henry went to the beach, the sand was hot, Henry watched a man fishing, he didn’t seem to be winning, the sea was cold, he sat on the rocks looking out to sea, he wondered how his friend Cove was, she was on holidays, Henry remembered their boating trip and wondered if there was any boats out to sea as he couldn’t see any!.

Henry climbed back on the bus, weary but glad he had visited the sea on a such a beautiful day. Home again, Henry needed a bath, he had sand between his toes.

Tomorrow was another exciting day.

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